CatTown is all about cats!

Stray Feral Rescue from MN has teamed up with CatTown Rescue in WI!!!

The two organizations can compliment each other very well. With both of our groups working together we will be able to accomplish far more than we could alone, especially along the WI/MN border. The fact that we now have one organization registered in each state is also going to work well to our advantage! Gene Marault (Founder and President Emeritus of SFR) will remain as Grants Administer, and has offered to consult on any matters we need help with.

We will continue to care for the CatTown colony cats, providing shelter, food and veterinary care for over 250 cats. We will continue to help people find homes for unwanted pets, help people to keep their pets if life situations are making that difficult. We will continue to do as many trap/neuter/return projects as we have the funds for, and we will continue to care for injured, sick, and abused cats that need veterinary and nursing care.

We believe that this partnership is going to help us so do so much more. If you would like to help by volunteering your time as a foster home (we need foster homes badly) or helping with fundraising or transporting animals please contact us. If you can donate to help care for these cats, please go to the donation button on the left side of the screen. All the donation money we get goes directly to caring for the cats!

Thank you for your interest in Stray Feral Rescue and CatTown! We will have more information about the new merger as we get time to update the site! If you are interested in adopting a cat, please check Petfinder.

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