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Please Help

Stray Feral Rescue in St. Paul, MN will match any donations made before the end of Feb. 2014. Please consider making a donation today!

Online fundraising for CatTown Rescue

CatTown is all about cats!

We believe that "all cats deserve a chance to live happy, safe lives and deserve to be treated well".

This winter feral and abandoned cats have had to face a horrible challenge. The weather in this area has been abnormally cold and snowy and we've have so many cats freeze to death or suffer injuries from frostbite. They are also facing the challenge of finding enough food to keep them warm when the temperatures are far below zero each night. Finding water is almost impossible for them as well. Although there is a lot of snow out there, eating it supplies so very little actual water as it is mostly air, and using their body heat to melt it drops their body temperatures and burns energy, making them need a lot more food and water. So many of the outside cats are loosing weight and losing fat that they need for insulation.

We've had a lot of requests for help with freezing cats, and we have heard a lot of reports of cats being abandoned and freezing to death. Right now we have 10 cats we've brought into fosterage because their ears and tails were frozen and frostbitten, and some have paw pad damage as well. Most are cats that were left behind when the owners moved, 2 when the owners trailer was taken in foreclosure and the cats were left behind to fend for themselves. They are all being treated and are doing well, but there are a lot more of them out there that need a warm place to go as well as food and water. We've been searching for money to get materials to make warming houses for as many of the outside cats as we can, and we are now feeding more than 250 very desperate and hungry cats, but we just don't have the funds to do as much as is needed. Fortunately we were able to get almost all of those cats spayed and neutered so there won't be more kittens come spring.

We want to thank all of you who have helped us to take care of these sweet little animals and we want to give special thanks for the assistance we've gotten from PAWs of Western WI and Helping Hands 4 Pets and from their individual members, who helped us with a new group of cats early this winter. Their assistance with spays and neuters was much appreciated, and allowed us to use our limited resources to provide other vet care for those cats. Thankfully that group does have someone to provide food, water, and shelter.

If you can help us save these kitties please donate while we have the chance to get matching funds through the end of February. The more you help the more help we can give the the cats!

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