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We are all about cats!

Stray Feral Rescue and CatTown Team a great success!

We are doing wonderful things with our new joint effort! CatTown is now part of Stray Feral Rescue and it has increased our effectiveness a LOT. Since the CatTown team took over Stray Feral we have managed to spay and neuter more than 80 cats, we have participated in a TNR effort which did another 29 cats, we got veterinary care for a lot of cats, we rescued and rehomed/adopted out about 30 in MN and another 28 in WI.  We have also saved a couple cats left behind by renters, a cat left to be euthanized at a vet clinic because he had urinary problems, and a couple cats that an elderly couple could no longer care for. We scavenged some materials and made up some cat shelters for some of the ferals in St Paul and assisted a number of people to set up care for neighborhood colonies after getting the cats spayed and neutered. We have a number of projects we are working on now –abandoned kittens, another colony near Hudson, and we are setting up a project to help Taylors Falls MN feed the feral cats that they just TNR'd. We still care for the colonies along the MN/WI border and to our great delight, the only cats added to those populations were the ones that we relocated. We had NO kittens born in any of our colonies this year.

We are forming great working relationships with a number of other groups in both WI and MN as well as with some of the animal welfare programs at some of the MN educational institutions. We thank all of those people who have helped us to do as much as we can on so little money.

On the money end, our donations have been dismal, but we persevere. We could do so much more if we had the resources, so if you can help – please donate. You can go to the donate now button on the left of the screen or if you would rather send a check just contact us and we will get you the address to send to. All donations are tax deductible and money can do so much for the cats!

Thank you for your interest in Stray Feral Rescue and CatTown! If you are interested in adopting a cat, please check our CatTown adoption pages here as well as Stray Feral's adoptable animals at www.rsq.petfinder.org

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